How Erra Wrecked The World (Koptik)

A mythological tale recorded on tablets.

Tablet I

te-era te-isun te-sibut
Erra, Ishun & the Seven

sa-min-jo:k-t te-gano n-ki-era
Erra desired to destroy the land.

te-anu sa-nade-nte te-sibut,
Anu begot the Seven,

sa-jome era-he, de se-ne-r-gest-e:s
he told E they should be his weaponry

sete-mas-nu:r-t era-he ne-hute n-ki-t-emeo n-ne-jemo.
when the noise of men makes him massacre mankind.

je-dine-nen he-te-n-muro:n te-n-nu:r tewe te-sibut sa-ji-n-keme: ne-r-hahme de
To go (us all) on the killing-path, The Seven gave many reasons.

sa-r-ise-n-nebo wane:i-he n-ki-te-gano; t-emeo n-ne-jemo mas-ere-nte de ne-t-r-mawa-gega.
The land outgrows us: man's clamor makes gods sleepless.

Beasts overrun the meadows.
Our eapons are rusting from disuse.
Ishun to E: You have plotted against the gods,
to lay waste the lands and decimate the people.
E: Humans are contemptuous of Marduk!
I will make M angry and lay waste the peoples!

Erra and Marduk
M to E: Long ago I grew angry, left my dwelling, and caused the deluge: cosmic consequences.
M to E: Who will keep demons at bay if I rise from my dwelling? Waters, darkness, whirlwind, gods of hell.
E promises to keep order.

Tablet II

Marduk leaves dwelling, Ea speaks (pp. 142-4)
M leaves dwelling, enters house of Anunna gods:
sun & moon go dark, wings, darkness, human clamor stilled.
Ea to gods: Erra angry; why deluge?; plot to lay waste land
and destroy the peoples.

M returns, tells gods to go back to their dwelling; accuses E.
M: star of E is shining bright… warfare… the people will perish.
E furious: his self-praise.

Tablet III

Why have you plotted evil against god & man?

The bond of god & man is undone: fire & glare.

E, when you strike, mountains, sea, flash
You hold the leadrope of heaven
But you say "They hold me in contempt!"

Tablet IV

Ishun's protest
You have undone the bond of the world, made yourself into a mortal and entered Babylon. Lament for chaos in Babylon.
You destroyed Sippar. Suteans descended upon Uruk. Parsa.
Lament for Der.
You have killed indiscriminately! Shaken heaven and hell!

Erra: I destroys Suteans' homeland (pp. 159-60)
Let all kill each other, then Akkadians rule!
Ishun & the Seven destroy mountain homeland of Suteans.

Tablet V

Erra and Ishun
E to gods: I slew good and evil in a frenzy.
Ishun to E: now calm down and let us serve you.

Erra returns to Babylon
25- E to Ishun: Let weak Akkadian fell mighty Sutean. Let land
be fertile again and provide for Babylon.

Narrator's summation
Summary: Erra laid waste, Ishun calmed him.
Erra approves the poem he dictated.